Shaomeng Wang

Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor in Medicine
Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry
Co-Director, Molecular Therapeutics Program
Director, Cancer Drug Discovery Program

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH

Research Focus: Drug design, synthesis, apoptosis, epigenetics, protein-protein interaction, new computational methods for protein-drug interaction

Phone: 734.615.0362
E-mail: shaomeng@med.umich.edu
Fax: 734.764.2532

Dr. Wang's laboratory has a broad interest in design, synthesis, development, in vitro and in vivo molecular mechanism studies of novel small-molecule modulators of apoptosis and cellular signaling, and in preclinical testing and development of molecularly targeted small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of human cancer and other human disorders. His current research projects include design and development of novel small-molecule anticancer drugs to target key apoptosis regulators including the Bcl-2 family proteins, the inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs), and the p53-MDM2 interaction.  Dr. Wang's group also develops new computational informatics methods and databases for structure-based drug design, and for studies of structures and functions of proteins and interactions between proteins and small-molecule drugs. An orally active pan-Bcl-2 inhibitor (AT-101) discovered from his laboratory is currently in Phase II clinical trials. A potent and orally active inhibitor of multiple IAP proteins (AT-406) discovered by Dr. Wang’s laboratory is in Phase I clinical trial for cancer treatment. Dr. Wang is working with the National Cancer Institute to advance his potent and orally active small-molecule inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 interaction for cancer treatment. Additional new and exciting projects include the design and development of small-molecule inhibitors targeting the STAT-3 pathway, the WNT/beta-catenin pathway and epigenetic pathways for the treatment of human cancer. Dr. Wang was awarded a National Cooperative Drug Discovery Group Program grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop new anticancer drugs.  Dr. Wang has published over 190 peer-reviewed papers and filed more than 30 patent applications. Dr. Wang is a senior editor of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Wang Research Group


Representative Publications

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