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Professor Anna Mapp is quoted in an article on Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry programs in Chemical & Engineering News. Read the article here.
posted 12/6/2010

Yaru Zhang awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship
Yaru Zhang who is in her second year in the laboratory of Professor Pat O'Brien, has received the Rackham International Student Fellowship for the winter 2011 term.
posted 12/8/2010

Student Receives ACS Medicinal Chemistry Fellowship
Jonas Westergaard Hojfeldt, who will be starting his fifth year in the laboratory of Professor Anna Mapp, has received the prestigious American Chemical Society Division of Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship for 2010-2011.
posted 7/13/2010

Professor Anna Mapp Announced as New Director for Chemical Biology Program
After 7 years of guidance and support from Professor Gary Glick the Chemical Biology Program is delighted to announce our new Director, Professor Anna Mapp. Anna is pleased to be leading the program and is excited about maintaining its growth and excellence.
posted 7/1/2010

Prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Awarded
Evgenia Nikolova, a fourth year student in the Al-Hashimi Group, is a recipient of the prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for 2010-2011. This fellowship provides a year of support to exceptional doctoral students who are in their final  year of study.
posted 2/12/10

Cover of January Issue of ChemBioChem
Wenjing Chen, a 3rd year student with Professor Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, co-authored a paper that was featured on the cover of the first 2010 issue of ChemBioChem. The cover picture shows the concept of utilizing enzymes that evolved in bacteria to confer resistance to antibiotics as a chemical tool to generate novel antibacterials with broad-spectrum activity. The article is titled "Exploring the Substrate Promiscuity of Drug-Modifying Enzymes for the Chemoenzymatic Generation of N-Acylated Aminoglycosides". Click here to view the article.
posted 1/20/2010

Program Graduates first round of students
Tonia Buchholz from the Sherman lab successfully defended her thesis “Protein-Protein Interactions During Acyl Transfer In Polyketide Biosynthesis” making her the first graduate of the Chemical Biology Ph.D. Program
posted 1/8/2010

Andrew Stelzer from the Al-Hashimi lab defended his thesis “Characterizing HIV-1 Transactivation Response Element Dynamics that Govern Ligand Recognition: Direct Applications to Drug Discovery”.
posted 2/12/10

Tasha Francis from the Glick lab defended her thesis “Target Identification and Validation of a Novel Family of Anti-Inflamatory 1,4-Benzodiazepine-2,5-Diones ”
posted 4/10/2010

Daniel Wahl also from the Glick lab defended his thesis “Exploiting the Bioenergetics of Disease-Causing Lymphocytes for Selective Immunomodulation”.
posted 6/25/10

Mark Hedglin from the O'Brien lab defended his thesis “Characterization of the Searching Mechanism for a DNA Repair Enzyme”.
posted 7/5/10