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Professor Anna Mapp Receives 2017 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award

PCB Program Director, Dr. Anna Mapp, was selected as one of 7 faculty members, whose service contributes to the development of a culturally and ethnically diverse University community, to receive the 2017 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award from the Office of the Provost. Congratulations, Dr. Mapp!
posted 4/24/2017

14 New PhD Students for Fall 2017
The Program in Chemical Biology is pleased to announce our new cohort for Fall 2017. There are 14 new PhD students joining us at the University of Michigan this year! Welcome, Class of 2022!
posted 4/21/2017

Michael (Sang Joon) Won Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
Fourth year PCB student, Michael Won, of Professor Brent Martin's laboratory, has been awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for the 2017-2018 year. Congratulations, Michael!
posted 3/21/2017

Tyler Doyon Awarded NSF Fellowship
Second year Chemical Biology student, Tyler Doyon, of Professor Alison Narayan's laboratory, has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship for 2017. Congratulations to Tyler!
posted 3/20/2017

Devon Pendlebury Awarded Rackham International Fellowship
Devon Pendlebury, a 2nd year PhD student in Professor Jayakrishnan Nandakumar's laboratory, has been awarded a Rackham International Fellowship! Congratulations to Devon!
posted 11/16/2016

Aaron Lotvola Awarded Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship
Cancer Chemical Biology MS student, Aaron Lotvola, has been awarded a Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship. Congratulations, Aaron!
posted 11/10/2016

Eric Smith Accepted into the Career Training in the Biology of Aging Program
Eric Smith, 4th year PhD student in the Nandakumar laboratory, was accepted into the Career Training in the Biology of Aging Training Program! Congratulations to Eric!
posted 8/21/2016

GAANN Fellowship Awards for 2016-2017
Twelve Program in Chemical Biology PhD students - Hannah Chia, Pradeep Gunasekaran, Sarah Kearns, Karson Kump, Olivia Pattelli, Amanda Peiffer, Alex Rizo, Attabey Rodriguez-Benitez, Emily Sherman, Nancy Wu, Tyler Beyett, and Adrian Landreth - have been chosen to receive GAANN Fellowships this year. Congratulations everyone!
posted 8/21/2016

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