Financial Aid (Ph.D.)

The Program in Chemical Biology provides 12 months of financial support during each year of your Ph.D. program tenure through research assistantships that pay full tuition and subsidized health care benefits, as well as a generous stipend, provided that students remain in good academic standing. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the stipend is $30,504.

Unlike many other programs where teaching assistantships are used for financial support, particularly during the first year, the Program in Chemical Biology research assistantships free students to concentrate on research and full-time study for the entire time they are in the Program. For students who wish to gain experience teaching, the program will work with both the student and their thesis mentor to find an appropriate teaching assistantship. Typically, these positions are assigned on a per semester basis, during which time students assist a faculty member in the instruction of either a graduate or undergraduate course.

Research assistantships will be provided by the program for the first year and then by the thesis advisor. In addition, there are several campus-wide training grants provided by the federal government, which support Chemical Biology graduate students. In most cases, selection for these training programs occurs in the second year of graduate study. The Rackham Graduate School at Michigan also awards a number of four-year fellowships to students historically under-represented in the sciences.