As one of the foremost research institutions in the United States and one of the largest with respect to chemistry and life sciences research, the University of Michigan has nearly every conceivable resource for students and faculty engaged in research at the chemistry-biology interface. Aside from instrumentation housed in specific research groups, the home departments in which the Program Faculty reside support large scale equipment for the synthesis and analysis of both small molecules and macromolecules. The University also runs several centers and core facilities dedicated to support biological and biomedical research. For further information, we invite you to explore the links below:

Biomedical Research Core Facilities
Center for Chemical Genomics
Chemistry Department Facilities
Microscopy and Image Analysis Lab
Peptides and Proteomics Core

Our students have access to one of the finest and most complete library systems in the world. In fact, the University of Michigan University Library houses the eighth largest library collection in the United States. A fully integrated Science Library includes all major titles in chemistry, biology and biochemistry and the nearby medical and engineering libraries provide a host of other technical resources. Libraries are open seven days a week and offer on-line search and retrieval capabilities from any networked computer.