Research Collaborations

For thesis research, many of our students are interested in projects that span more than one lab or advisor. To meet this need, the Program has established mechanisms for joint mentorship and collaboration within the Program.  Joint mentorship allows students access to thesis projects that span specialties (e.g., organic synthesis and structural biology), reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of research in chemical biology.  In some cases, these projects represent existing collaborations between Program Faculty, in others, students can be the catalyst to forge new research collaborations.  Below is representative list of some of the collaborations between faculty members within the Program in Chemical Biology at Michigan.

Roger Sunahara and Nils Walter
"At the Single Molecule Frontier: Integration in Biology and Nanotechnology"

James Penner-Hahn and Vincent Pecoraro
"Mechanism of ozygenic photosynthesis"

Dave Ballou and Ruma Banerjee
"Adenosyltransferase tailors and delivers coenzymes B12"

James Penner-Hahn and Vincent Pecoraro
"De Nova designed metalloproteins"

David Ballou and Neil Marsh
"How do enzymes generate and control free radicals"

Carol Fierke and Raoul Kopelman
"Engineered enzyme based nanosensors for single live cell detection of free zinc and copper"

Carol Fierke and Anna Mapp
"Kinetic characterization of endogenous and small molecule transcriptional activator complexes"

Carol Fierke and James Penner-Hahn
"Characterization of the yeast metallome"

Carol Fierke and Nils Walter
"Structure and conformational changes in the RNase P-substrate complex by ensemble and single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy"

Ari Gafni and Bruce Palfey
"Single molecule spectroscopy studies of flavoenzyme interactions"

Gary Glick and Mark Saper
"Towards a structural model of inhibition of the mitochondrial F1F0-ATPase "

Gary Glick and Nils Walter
"Structural architecture and conformational changes in F1F0-ATPase induced by the drug Bz-423"

Neil Marsh and Vincent Pecoraro
"De novo peptide design"

Vincent Pecoraro and James Penner-Hahn
"Determinants of metal-protein structure"

Vincent Pecoraro and Nils Walter
"Using FRET to understand heteromeric bundle formation"

Mark Saper and Ronald Woodard
"Tyrosine phosporylation in the biogenesis of a bacterial capsule polysaccharide"

Roger Sunahara and John Tesmer
"Characterization of stabilizing mutants of cocaine esterase"

Roger Sunahara and John Tesmer
"Structural analysis of GPCR signaling complexes"

Roger Sunahara and John Tesmer
"G protein-coupled receptor structure and function"